Wood in Multiple Tones

It’s all about the wood for 2018. “People are getting tired of white,” although white is still a popular choice.

Trending is 2 tones of wood – a darker tone for the island, and a lighter tone everywhere else.

Hardwood floors are becoming an increasingly popular flooring choice, overtaking the more traditional choice of tile. “Homes are open concept, and homeowners want the same flooring throughout.

If you’re worried about spills, you could also go with a flooring in wood tones to get a similar feel, like laminate or ceramic.

The darker tone of the island compliments the lighter tone of the floor. Both introduce the wood element that is so on trend for 2018.

Darker Colors

“This trend towards dark is predominantly for kitchen islands and walls. These darker colors are paired with lighter cabinets and counters.

Darker island stand out against the light cabinetry.

Slate Colored Appliances

Something really exciting for 2018 is a new color option for appliances. “Manufacturers are coming out with this slate color for appliances, which clients are coming in and asking about.

Slate is so popular right now because it allows homeowners to start introducing a dark color without going too dark. While the slate doesn’t end up working with every design, it’s a bold new option for homeowners looking to start incorporating those darker colors.

Graphic Backsplash and Flooring

Backsplashes are still one of the best places to play with design, and homeowners are getting more creative with patterns.

“It’s more graphic, pattern choices, are extend to the flooring as well. Whether they get a predetermined pattern, or use a variety of materials to make their own design, 2018 is sure to see some more creativity.

Matching Countertops and Backsplash

“Another popular backsplash choice is using the same material as the countertop.

USB Ports

We charge everything with a USB port. USB ports in kitchens will become a more popular request.

We’re always using our phones or tablets. People will either want a special niche for their electronics somewhere in the kitchen, or include the USB port in the island.